• Your company has started to work in Russia, and you might need reliable people to set your business up and going here. The first thing you will probably need is translations.
  • Our core competency are translations from English to Russian and back. We also have French, German and Chinese translators.

    Helix Translate works only with corporate entities: we prefer large scopes and are used to tight deadlines as well as to high level of responsibility.

    Apart from written translations of corporate documentation you will probably need a variety of miscellaneous services.

  • Interpreters and drivers, office rental and hotel reservation, airport transfers and notarial certifications — we take everything upon ourselves. You simply tell us what you need and we provide all the services.
    By the way
    Previously, our company was called Avatar Services. You can easily draw analogy to James Cameron's motion picture Avatar: just like in the movie, our task is to make you feel at home, although now the plot takes place in Russia, not Pandora. We will become your avatar, and you will be seen as 'one of the boys', which will remove any stumbling stones from your path. The following companies have already chosen us to be their avatar:
Our company differs from the other translation agencies in that we use our extensive experience in selecting experienced translators and editors specifically for your project. By communicating with you every step of the way, we are able to keep our translators in the loop, which means that they fully understand the requirements and specific nature of your project. Our translators are located in multiple time zones in various countries. This means that we can offer a virtually 24/7 translation service. The final translation is polished by our Russian specialist editors.
When you come to visit Russia to meet your partners, discuss projects or visit work sites, you may need the services of an interpreter. We work with the best interpreters, who are experienced in translating in the most demanding situations, including meetings with the leaders of various countries. If you need an interpreter for your permanent staff, we can help you find the right candidate.
Notarial Certification
In our line of work, we often find that our partners need notarial and Apostille certification of their documents. All of these services are provided.
Transport Services
We can provide any transport services that you may require, for example, transfers from the airport to any location. However, you may need transport every day of your visit, and we can make sure that you don't need to worry about these details. We will take care of your needs and provide a car or a minivan with a local driver for as long as you need.
Hotels and Apartments
You can trust us with finding accommodation for your staff in any city. If you are coming only for a short visit, we will book your hotel accommodation. For Longer visits, we will arrange comfortable and convenient accommodation in a self-contained apartment. Our company will take care of any payments or fees, and you will have the convenience of paying just one bill.
Office Rental
Our clients often find that they need office space to manage their projects in Russia. The company can help you with this as well. We will take care of all details, including furniture, stationary supply, Internet connection and anything else that you may require. If you will need additional staff, we can help with recruiting the right personnel to represent your company.
We can provide you with a printing service to print presentations, advertising materials, business cards, maps, calendars, etc. We also provide various design and DTP services. Any work can be done quickly and to the highest quality at our own digital printing center.
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